Top items to freshen up your closet

The new year has begun, and winter will soon be over, so now’s the time to start getting ready for spring and summer. Soon we’ll be able to say goodbye to thick coats and jackets, as well as wooly jumpers and pullovers, and if you’re wondering what the most stylish pieces are you can fill your closet with – you’re at the right place. Here’s a list of top 10 items that will freshen up your closet and help you be stylish and trendy all year long!

1.     Silk and satin tops

Silk is a fabric that never goes out of style, but it wasn’t common until recently to see it as a top. Even though silk and satin often make their appearance as camisoles or nightgowns, in the early 2000s these fabrics took a form of tops. This year they are making a big comeback so stock up!

2.     Tie-dyed clothes

Hippie is back! Tie dyed clothes were a big hit in the 1960s and the 1970s, and people loved it because it was fun, colorful, and dying of the clothes could be done at home. Many of the fashion designers decided to bring back this retro trend into the 2019, so be on the lookout for cotton tops and some dye!

3.     Shorts

Shorts are the new skirt! We saw the Kardashian sisters trying to establish the trend of bike shorts, and many other stars are already following them. Some people don’t like this trend, some love it, but one thing is certain – this year you need to have a pair of shorts in your closet.

4.     Suits

A suit is something we used to wear only to business meetings, but this year, everyone’s rocking suits! A simple dress pants and jacket go a long way, especially paired with a trendy bag and heels, so suit up!

5.     Flowy dresses

Sun, sea, and light breeze. That’s the first thing we think about when we mention flowy dresses. Ideal for not only summer, but also spring and fall time, these dresses will freshen your closet and make you feel like a princess! Boxhill has a wonderful collection of dresses for all occasions, and you can order Boxhill dresses online.

6.     Trench coats

You won’t wear them in summer, but this 90s trend is making a comeback, and is ideal for rainy fall days. Beige, gray, and light blue are the colors that will be trendy this year.

7.     Floral prints

Skirts, blouses, dresses and even pants will be covered in flowers this year, so get ready! This is another vintage trend that has been seen in fashion shows and is guaranteed to take over the street fashion soon, so get ready for flowers in your closet!

8.     Animal prints

This year, famous fashion designers are all over animal prints. Whether it’s a heavy winter coat in leopard spots, or a short jacket in zebra spots, this fall, and winter will be ruled by animal prints, so make sure you get a piece of clothing with animal print!

9.     Fringes

Whether it’s the fringe jumpsuits, handbags or party dresses, fringes are another trend that will rule 2019. This playful trend is a must have for any woman this year, and make sure you freshen up your closet with clothes or accessories with fringes!

10.  Scarves

A nice silk scarf can freshen up any outfit, so make your closet richer by getting a couple of these pieces which can turn your outfit from business casual to simply casual in just a matter of seconds!

After reading this list of future trends that will rule 2019, I hope you are ready to freshen up your closets and look like queens of the runway!

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