Natural Gas Business: What is It and Why It’s So Important For Economy?

Natural Gas Business

Natural gas is the cleanest burning conventional fuel. It produces fewer greenhouse gas emissions than oil and coal. The main advantages of natural gas include high efficiency, easy access, and flexibility. It’s one of the most economical energy resources in the world.

Natural gas is an important resource for fueling electric power plants, heating homes, and creating such common goods as plastics.

By 2040, in the USA, households are expected to save about $665 per year on energy bills thanks to the rising popularity of natural gas. With the demand for natural energy increasing, natural gas businesses are becoming more and more popular.

What is a Natural Gas Business?

Natural gas companies produce natural gas to be used for different needs, from home heating to fueling vehicles. Currently, the top natural gas producers in the world are:

·         Gazprom

·         Exxon Mobil

·         China National Petroleum

·         Royal Dutch Shell

·         BP

However, small natural gas businesses exist as well. According to Trellis Energy, oil and gas software provider, smaller companies are becoming highly active on the market, taking advantage of a variety of tools to achieve their revenue goals.

Benefits of Natural Gas for Economy

Let’s take a look at the main natural gas benefits. Many of them are already exploited while others can change the world economy in the nearest future.


The main advantage of natural gas for many economies is its price. Compared to other fossil fuels available on the market today like coal and oil, it’s fairly cheap. By taking advantage of natural gas instead of the rest of fossil fuels, the economy can enjoy tremendous benefits.

Environmental Friendliness

Natural gas is much more environmentally friendly than the rest of the fossil fuels are. When natural gas is burning, it releases minimum harmful compounds. It’s reasonable to call natural gas a relatively clean burning fossil fuel.

When burning coal and petroleum products, they emit higher levels if air pollution and carbon dioxide while producing the same amount of energy as natural gas.

For example, 117 pounds of CO2 are produced per 1,000 Btu of natural gas compared to 200 pounds of coal and 160 pounds of fuel oil.

The environmental friendliness of this gas helped it become a prevailing choice for electricity generation in the USA.


Natural gas has a high potential to play a big role in the expansion of renewable energy source uses. The main issue with the majority of environmentally-friendly solutions like wind and solar energy is poor reliability. If the wind isn’t strong enough or the sun doesn’t shine regularly, the energy supply goes down. Overall, besides natural gas, the rest of the clean energy options depend on the weather, which is unpredictable.

Besides reliability, the gas’s availability is also widening. With ongoing advances in drilling technologies, new transport tech is helping liquefied gas at very low temperatures and transporting it in specifically designed containers. The liquefied natural gas can then be returned to the initial state at specifically equipped local terminals.


Besides being beneficial for everyday life, natural gas contributes to employment opportunities. The industry creates a variety of jobs for people who find, produce, and deliver it. Many companies are in the natural gas business, thus creating workplaces for people in their countries and beyond.

Energy Security

Using natural gas to reduce fuel consumption strengthens natural security. It also reduces transportation energy costs for numerous organizations.

Better Performance

Vehicles that run on natural gas have the same capabilities as those that use other fossil fuels. However, they consume less energy and produce fewer harmful emissions, thus having a positive effect on business output.

The Takeaway

Natural gas is a clean burning fuel, which provides a variety of benefits to the economy and average people. By being environmentally friendly, flexible, and efficient, natural gas can save countries millions of dollars while improving their economy.

Natural gas businesses are taking advantage of the latest technologies to create higher-quality accessible products. 

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