How to Maximise Space Inside a Small Home

Managing spaces inside our home make a challenging task to do.

Right now as more and more people are relocating into new areas, home spaces are becoming harder to find, especially for families. Condominiums and other flats are being offered into limited areas due to the higher demands. With the uprising needs of living space, developers are trying their best to maximize the space they are looking to sell!  It boils us down to have a limited space to utilize.  This means that you will not be able to place in all of the things that you want to put inside the house.

Here are some tips you can check to make it happen!

1. Hang and Elevate Appliances and Fixtures

The best way to maximize the vertical spaces at home is to hang appliances. You can mount televisions and other appliances on walls. Instead of keeping these appliances on racks or drawers, you can maximize at least 20% of your vertical spaces. Imagine having a bulky TV rack just to place televisions instead of wall mounting it. It also helps you make sure that the television is free from further damages and helps it with the appliance maintenance.  The TV rack alone uses a huge space just to hold the television. The same goes for kitchen cupboards and appliance drawers. It is always better to elevate these things at home to ensure that we are making additional space to place some household items.

2. Use convertible furniture

The modernization of technology brought a lot of advancements.  Especially in household innovation, convertible furniture is now a thing of the modern world. It makes a lot of advantages to buy these types of furniture. Apart from offering multi-functionality, it helps you save a lot of space at home.  There are some beds which could be lifted up and could be turned into a wall drawer.  Imagine the free space you can utilize when not using the bed! It sums up to an additional 30% of working space that you can during the day! Some convertible furniture are also cost-efficient.  It helps you save some money because instead of buying two different items, you just have to buy one!

3. Paint the house with neutral colors

Apart from choosing the right fixtures, the wall coloring can also help you manage space at home.  It has been proven that the colors we have at home could affect the way we see the space? One best advice is to use neutral palettes when painting house walls. These include light shades of blue,  white, cream,  and other light neutral paint shades. It may not be a space creator, but it gives the house a look of being more spacious.  The light color also attracts outside natural lighting that makes the light reflect into our inside space, thus giving us a clearer perspective on the house’s space. Apart from space-saving, light colors are also associated with good mood and better life disposition!

4. Use make-shift storage space

Make-shift storage spaces are the best household staples that save you a lot of space at home. Using the space under your staircases at home makes a good example of this technique.  You just have to create some custom-made racks to be used for storage. These racks would be a perfect space for your shoes and other items that need to be kept when not in use. In the kitchen, you can also use some make-shift storage spaces on top of bulky appliances such as refrigerators and ovens.  You can place some storage boxes on top of these appliances to make extra spaces. Just be sure that these boxes are not that heavy for it not to damage refrigerators or ovens. You can place condiment baskets on top of the refrigerator which could also be an accessible place to keep them! It makes the condiments easy to reach when needed for usage.

5. Declutter

Of course, one best way to make more space at home is to declutter. It means that you have to throw away or give those things unused. If you are a sentimental person, it will surely be a challenge. But no matter how sentimental you are, you have to focus on your goal which is to make more space. Some old stuff in the house like old and non-functional appliances should be kept out of the house. Remember that your house space is an investment, you don’t want damaged appliance to sit in there. To properly do decluttering, it is best to do it with someone who does not know the stories behind each item you have at home. That way, the other person will be able to help you judge the practicality of keeping an item over its sentimental value. 

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