7 Things Successful People Avoid

Millions of people are dreaming of becoming successful but only a few of them actually achieve that goal. The road to success is not just tough, it’s often rather long. It involves learning new things on a regular basis and trying to outrun the competition.

If you seem to be following the right advice and doing everything possible to become successful, but it just doesn’t seem to be working, stop. Besides knowing what to do, a successful person should know what NOT to do.

We asked success life coach from New York, Liana Khutsurauli to share things you should avoid in order to become successful.

1. Speaking Negatively

Successful people try to remove all the negativity from their lives. The first step toward achieving this is to stop speaking negatively about yourself and the people around you. Be it the competitor who keeps you from earning thousands of dollars or a cashier who failed to count your change correctly.

Smile and go about your business in a positive manner. By speaking negative things, you don’t just attract negativity, you stress yourself needlessly.

2. Allowing Distractions

We all have many things going on in our lives. The ability to avoid distractions is what helps people stay on the right track to success. If you have a certain goal in mind, you should move toward it regardless of the other interesting tasks trying to get your attention.

The best way to avoid distractions is to set your priorities straight. Knowing when to turn off your smartphone and cancel certain plans can help you achieve success.

3. Failing To Keep Appointments

Successful people don’t make mistakes when it comes to scheduling. Thankfully, today you don’t need a secretary reminding you about appointments, your smartphone can do it for you with the assistance of appointment reminding apps. Being late for an appointment or missing it altogether shows the lack of determination.

If you want to be successful, make sure to keep all the appointments even if they don’t seem important. You have a reputation to uphold for both the people around you and your inner self.

4. Making Comparisons

The comparison game is a terrible one to play if you want to become successful. Watching the competition is important, comparing yourself to them isn’t. Spend the time you used to waste on comparisons on following your intuition and sticking to your plan.

While it’s not a bad idea to strive to reach a goal someone has already reached, it should be a goal tailored to your needs.

5. Abusing  Social Media

Social media is a bottomless pit. Successful people rarely have social media apps installed on their smartphones unless it’s a business account. Social media is a distraction they can’t allow themselves to spend time on.

Of course, it doesn’t mean you shouldn’t enjoy chatting and watching photos when you have free time. Stick to checking social media accounts on your laptop or desktop. This way, the time you waste on them will be limited.

6. Resisting Change

Getting out of the comfort zone is highly necessary even if it’s not stopping you from becoming successful. If you want to grow and become better at what you do, resisting change won’t help.
In fact, successful people do everything possible to find a way to embrace changes. So if you don’t have an opportunity to make changes today, find them.

7. Not Asking For Help

Just because you are successful, it doesn’t mean you should do everything yourself. Asking for help or better said, “delegating”, is a skill each successful person should hone on a regular basis.

You have to understand that being an expert in everything is impossible. Finding an expert is much easier.

Final Thoughts

Always keep the above mistakes in mind when trying to become successful. Avoiding errors is just as important as making the right steps toward your goals.

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