6 High School Outfit Ideas for Fall 2018

Fall is finally here and so is another school year. While some teenagers pay little attention to what to wear, others experience the first signs of depression when trying to find something suitable in the closet.

Even if you are keen on following fashion, creating an awesome outfit 5 days a week may take a toll on your imagination. That’s when it’s ok to become a copycat. We don’t mind if you copy these high school outfit ideas. We hope they can inspire you to come up with something special.

1. Plaid Flannel Shirts And Ripped Jeans

This all-purpose outfit seems to have become a classic for high school and college students. If red plaid shirts used to be a hit last year, this fall any color will do as long as it’s plaid and matches the rest of your outfit.

The length of the shirt doesn’t matter today. It either can reach your knees or get tucked inside your jeans. If you want to show off your high-waist pants, a short shirt is a must-have.

Ripped jeans are an excellent way to stay warm outside while feeling comfortable indoors. These days, they come in all shapes, sizes, and colors. All you have to do is choose the rip sizes.

2. Long Knit Cardigan With Black Pants

Cardigans never go out of style. Each year, old and trusted brands come up with the new cardigan styles. Cardigans can keep you warm in the fall time. Meanwhile, they complement your figure no matter what your BMI is. The freedom you feel in a cardigan is priceless.

Black pants are well…black pants. They are a complementary part of any outfit you can come up with.  A white t-shirt with black pants looks excellent and suitable for high school without any additional elements. However, a well-chosen cardigan changes the image drastically, adding it plenty of zest.

3. Classic Jeans And Varsity Jackets

Do you prefer staying warm and looking classy at the same time? Go for a timeless outfit. Whether you prefer high school varsity jackets by Varsity Base or thinking of ordering a customized jacket for your team, you can hardly go wrong.

The same is true for classic jeans. While girls may not be big fans of the classics, guys prefer them almost every time. However, even if you are a big fan of distressed jeans, you could easily match them with your varsity jacket.

4. Patchwork Denim Outfit

The 1970’s are back in style and so is patchwork denim. Patchwork denim outfits vary in style and color. You are bound to find something suitable for your taste. From jeans to skirts, and from jackets to shirts, denim is everywhere.

While such outfits may not be available in every store, their popularity can be a good reason to practice your sewing skills.

5. White And Denim

White is an excellent color for the fall even if someone tells you otherwise. Any combination of white and denim outfits is an excellent way to make a statement while looking truly classy.

A white dress or white jeans coupled with a light denim jacket could truly make you stand out from the crowd. If you are not a fan of white, go for black!

6. Monochromatic Outfits

Who said that monochromatic outfits are a thing of the past? Anyone who doesn’t know that there are hundreds of different shades of one color is losing out on a wonderful outfit idea. Combining different shades of such colors like blue, red or yellow (i.e. one shade for the shoes, another for the jacket, one more for the pants) can help you come up with an outstanding outfit.


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