Be Eco! Tips On Living a Greener Lifestyle

Some may think that living a greener lifestyle is complicated. But it doesn’t have to be!

Living a greener life requires doing things a little differently than what we are used to. It is all about having a different perspective at the simple things we do everyday.

Top 5 eco tips for a greener lifestyle

Here are simple ways to live a greener life and make a better planet for everyone.

1. Minimize energy consumption

Turning off unused home electrical appliances and devices will not only cut your energy bills but also reduce environmental impacts. You can also minimize household energy demands by lowering your thermostat or reducing the use of hot water. A sensible tip from Reader’s Digest suggests that we wash our clothes in cold instead of warm water. Take note that every time you heat up your home, it emits carbon to the atmosphere.

2. Always be mindful of the 3Rs (Reduce, Reuse, and Recycle)

Green living means minimizing the waste you generate. Look for items in your home that can be reused or re-purposed. Think of creative ways to recycle products instead of just throwing them into the landfill after single use. Rather than using single-use containers, ask if there is a recyclable option. If you have old items, such as appliances, clothes, or furniture that you don’t need, you can sell or donate them so that someone might find a practical use for it. That’s better than simply throwing it into the trash.

3. Minimize paper use

Try to cut down on the use of paper. Using paper requires not only destroying trees but also fuel and water. Reuse or recycle old paper to help minimize their environmental impacts. Many of the transactions today can be done paperlessly through computers. If there is such an option, go for it. Here are some practical examples: instead of reading newsprint, you can read electronic media; instead of paper towels, use cotton napkins or those made of recycled paper.

4. Use eco-friendly home products

According to Hoboken Cleaning Service Provider, EcoPure, many households are still unaware of the toxic contents of many home cleaning products. These chemicals have detrimental impact on our water systems and its biodiversity. Make sure to check on the label of home cleaning products you use to see if they contain toxic chemicals. Go for eco-friendly home products. If you are hiring home cleaning service, you can ask if they implement environmentally-safe procedures and products.

5. Choose green, mass transport

Your everyday transport requires way too much energy. Every car emits high levels carbon gases to the atmosphere which end up causing the greenhouse effect. Instead of driving to work or school, opt for available mass transport systems like buses, trains or trams instead of driving. Many mass transport systems now use green energy so they guarantee lesser impact on the environment. If you are buying a car, go for the more fuel efficient models. Use your car only when you feel it is really necessary.

These very simple eco-tips can help you live a greener lifestyle. Some may think that their efforts are negligible in saving our planet but they are wrong. In fact, it is even more impossible to save our planet with just several massive, major actions than doing small things collectively through time. The truth is living a greener lifestyle is the only way to help make our planet a better place for the next generations.


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